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3drops + Pentagram
It was a different world last time I sent you an email.
I'm still in Thailand and here, the city has been in lockdown for over a month and it's estimated to continue until the end of this month.

Who knew that this virus that started in Wuhan reach your city that fast. While most experts saw it coming, only a few governments prepared for it. South-East Asia seems to be the safest place now because of their experience with SARS back in 2012. US seems out of control, Europe is under pressure and Sweden is acting like there's no virus.

But wherever you are, I hope you and your loved ones are at home and safe. I hope you are taking this time to improve your health by exercising a bit at home and eating a bit healthier food. And I hope you are picking up a few books to read or maybe even a few new hobbies. As a team, we are experimenting with some too.

But despite the apocalypse, Q1 was good to us. We completed two SaaS client projects. We collaborated with Pentagram to launch a UK-based startup called Sonantic, backed by EQT Ventures. We designed their product and Pentagram designed their branding and website. It was a smooth collaboration. The other project is a German-based enterprise SaaS solution called Impower. We also quietly put up a new page for our next product called Slim.

More to come soon.