OpenPurpose® New Reel

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OpenPurpose, OFC, BR.

OpenPurpose® New Reel
While everyone seem to be creating noise and demanding attention, we are finding ourselves asking for more stillness and honesty.

Clickbait design has taken over. Everywhere I look, I find myself distracted by flashy visuals, upbeat music, rollercoaster motions, and bold claims.

Where attention is sought, purpose is lost.

It takes some awareness to look past these distractions to find the real value these companies are offering. And it takes a bit more, to understand the difference between this and what came before.

So how do we stand in out in a place, where the ask is to impress in less than 10 seconds?

By slowing down.

No vibrant background colors.
No flashy visuals. No upbeat music.
No distractions. No tricks.

Just our work, products and brands we've designed for our clients, displayed plainly. With honest copy.

This is the thought process behind the new OpenPurpose®.

Watch the reel.
Read our case studies.
Get to know our aspiration on our About page.

And for the first time, we are sharing our prices.
Our minimums for each project type.

Hope you like it.
Took us a couple of months.