Introducing OpenPurpose® Brand Shop

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OpenPurpose, OFC, BR.

Introducing OpenPurpose® Brand Shop
Earlier this year, we rolled out OpenPurpose® Design Trial. A two-week sprint for founders to explore, experiment and execute [B] Brand / [P] Product design ideas with our team for $14K.
This experiment was designed to simplify the initial phase of a project exploration. To replace the time consuming process of putting together the perfect brief, weeks of doing calls and talking about what ifs with action. After all, we would rather show you than talk about it. So it worked out perfectly for us and for our clients.

Founders like Tariq from Qatalog, Jürgen (founder of Things) from Semantical, Eli from Multi, Dennis from Amie and many others reached out to book a trial with us. You've probably have seen bits of the work we did for them on our Twitter. Most booked both Brand and Product trials. Mainly to see our take on their designs or our perspective on their next step.

So we made some updates to our Trial page and opened two new slots to see what April has in store for us. To book a trial, visit openpurpose.com/trial.

Now to our new experiment:
OpenPurpose® Brand Shop.
Over the past few years, I invested most of my time, energy and money into starting new ventures. From researching incubators and accelerators worldwide to create the perfect program/fund for creatives by partnering with enterprises to launching streetwear fashion brands, organic self-care products and even a new marketing agency.

I learned a ton. In fact, these past 2 years, felt more like 10 years. I surely 10xed my grey hair. And I learned a ton. And I think the most important lesson was: To evolve you need to let go. To let go of your past ideas, dreams and vision to make room for what is. I will tell you what that is in my next post.

For now, check out openpurpose.com/shop

Our new experiment is productizing Brands. Ready-to-launch brands for entrepreneurs looking for a new name + domain + logo + website for their next venture. For $10K, you can own one of our OP® designed Brands (transferred to you within 3 days) to kickstart your new journey.

Until next one,