Introducing OFC

Founder/CEO of Wayward Group.

We run 3drops, OFC, Compliment and Inen.

Ideas → Experiments → Teams → Companies.

Introducing OFC
I’ve been quiet, I know. But it’s for good reasons.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve been on a mission to create a digital playground that builds innovative solutions for creative teams. 

During this time, we built 3 pieces of software: Roadmap, Slim and Sincere. Unique takes on the essentials. Team planning, Analytics and Marketing. Along the way, we made a few more internal tools to streamline our creative processes and operations. 

Earlier this year, as we were preparing to launch these solutions, we discovered something revolutionary to our SaaS model that changed the course of our plan. 

Web3 presented us with an opportunity to break the hypergrowth loop and enabled us to skip a few years ahead. 

Join us, as we collaborate from Chaos towards Order on Discord.
See you there ✌ ☺︎